Core Values

Shared Prosperity

Every investment receives a return. We consider possibilities based on a foundation of abundance meaning that there is enough for everyone and that a success for one does not preclude a success for another.


We know that diverse systems are healthy systems. We believe diversity enriches the human experience and brings better solutions and sustainability to everything we do. With greater diversity, greater sustainability and abundance can be achieved.


None of us are as smart as all of us. We involve internal and external stakeholder in defining and pursuing jointly held goals. Through inclusion, we unleash the creative spirit in all stakeholders.


Information is fully shared and effectively communicated. We identify the information needed to facilitate informed decision making and we make it available to all stakeholders. We realize that by being open we ensure our own success.


We believe in our collective ability to change and adapt with in the span of a single lifetime.
We believe the human psyche is moving away from long commutes, fragmented lifestyles, and isolation to tight knit communities, integrated lifestyles, and mixed use main streets.
We believe the quality of the built environment influences our sense of well being.
We believe we are changing into a culture of conspicuous conservation from the past culture of conspicuous consumption.
We believe in the goodness of people.