4 Impact Areas

Economic Vitality

Every investment achieves the highest rate of returns in the market. Our projects achieve the highest grade of underwriting standards and the most predictable abundant returns for our stakeholders. Examples of Economic Vitality measurements include: equity returns, tax increases, debt to equity ratio, and pay back periods.

Access to Opportunity

Every development is unique to the people, the culture and the history of the place. No two developments are the same. Each development captures and embraces the rich history of its place and people while redefining its future economic significance. Examples of Authentic Relevance include: buildings restored, Historical aspects revealed, local materials used, architectural transitions made.

Authentic Place

Our projects provide greater opportunity for the community it serves. The area stakeholders benefit from an increased choice and access to housing, jobs, entertainment, recreation and an overall greater market demand for all community assets. Examples of Access to Opportunity include: increased housing options, new jobs created, desired amenities available, and a more robust tax base.

Environmental Stewardship

Our projects enhance and improve the surrounding environment in which they exist. We find all opportunities that the project offers to conserve, recycle, and rejuvenate natural resources. Examples of Environmental Stewardship include: reduce vehicle miles traveled, utilize existing infrastructure, recycle water, and reduce energy demand.