The End Point Vision for a New Development Paradigm

Over the last several years, the requirements of real estate development have changed, bringing on a new paradigm for the industry.  Issues as diverse yet irretrievably connected as: conserving natural resources and dealing with increasing traffic congestion or providing workforce housing and job training are challenges of our civilization influencing at the root the what, where and how of the future of development in the coming decades.

Ekistics flagship project, State Center is at the forefront of this changing paradigm.  It is the enlightened “land of opportunity” for a country looking to regenerate its resources, invest in infrastructure for density, and restore its communities.

State Center is one of its kind.

Surrounded by nine diverse neighborhoods with stark International Style 1950’s architecture and the richest compilation of transportation modes available in Maryland, State Center is a place rich in historical context that makes it easy to live richly while conserving abundantly.  It is the economic engine for West Baltimore, an important link in the African American history of the State, the northern boundary for the bygone “white glove” shopping district of Howard Street and it is a critical part to Baltimore’s growing College and Cultural Arts Districts. This community gives local merchants a place to thrive, its striking architecture is a feast for the eyes, and it is the starting point for West Baltimore’s heritage walking trail.  It is a place where Baltimoreans of all colors, creed and beliefs come together on their main street of shops businesses and residents with a great variety of things to do within an easy transit ride or a simple walk. When you are at State Center you a part of West Baltimore, its historical stories and its dynamic future.  You are at a place where no other can compare.

State Center is a cauldron of creativity and opportunity.

It’s diversity of uses and occupants promote the casual sharing of new ideas, innovations and relationships.  Because there is always something going on, relationships are easily formed, and new ideas frequently shared. People find that they are in the right place at the right time to learn something vital, make a new contact, hear of an opportunity before others, think in a new way, and see a range of possibilities where once there was only a looming challenge.  The steady stream of activity keeps its inhabitants sharp, connected and enriched.

State Center’s mix of uses enhances each other by their proximity and complimentary fit to each other.

The quality of place is enhanced by the density of multiple uses which optimizes infrastructure investment and maximizes the value of each piece of the system by the mutual interaction with and benefit to other pieces.  Retail serves the shopping needs while also providing street pageantry and a source of entertainment for the office and residential community.  Residential homes extend the activity and energy of a retail and office environment and bring greater market demand to both.  Office space brings daytime commerce and access to jobs, ideas, innovations and relationships that a retail or residential community misses.  The density and diversity of State Center realizes the full economic potential of the metro area with optimum utilization of resources and highest productivity of residents.

And finally, State Center Conserves Natural Resources.  First and foremost by its location at the epicenter of public transportation links for the metro area including metro, light rail, bus, and train.  It is within walking distance to jobs, homes and retail choices of several shapes sizes and types.  It reuses existing buildings and infrastructure to maximize their value and minimize the need to demolish and or construct new.  The architecture and engineering of the buildings maximize the use of local building materials, are respectful of the geography, climate, and unique site characteristics, conserves energy, reduces storm water runoff, and minimizes the need for potable water.  Every building decision is made with environmental stewardship and long term value creation in mind.


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