Development Expertise

Ekistics' development expertise is in urban infill and adaptive reuse. This expertise is defined by our ability to address a unique set of challenges that prevented a desired development to happen.

Public Private Partnerships

In order to create long term value and the highest potential, it takes all sides pushing in the same direction together. When Public Private Partnerships (P3) are engaged in pursuit of a shared goal, achievements are made that neither could achieve alone. Ekistics’ flagship project – State Center, is a seminal example of how public and private partners work together to tackle extremely complex projects for mutual benefit.

Mixed Use

All we have to do is think of our favorite places and we know that mixed use creates a vitality that is vastly different from the sterile landscapes of the past 50 years. Mixed use communities bring us the freedom to do almost everything we want to do at the threshold of our door. We can increase our time with activities we enjoy and avoid the suffering in endless traffic jams. Our community becomes close knit and integrated into the multi-facets of our lives.

Transit Oriented Development

Quality of place is enhanced by the multiple, complimentary forms of transportation in dense urban areas. At Ekistics we look for development around existing infrastructure where there is underutilized property and the opportunity for growth. We believe centering our lives in transit rich, walkable, bike friendly neighborhoods significantly enhances our quality of place.


Many notable companies of the 20th century created environmental contamination that survived long past the usefulness of their products. We at Ekistics have become intimately familiar with some of these stories and have turned many sour lemons into fresh, sweet, lemonade.

Adaptive Reuse

Our most exciting developments are ones where we can turn a white elephant into a community anchor. These transformations are challenging and solutions are neither immediately evident nor easily executed. However, these projects have the greatest possibility for contribution to the immediate area, the marketplace and to our natural resources.

Strategic Planning

A core value is Inclusion. We apply it liberally to engaging our stakeholders because we believe that none of us are as smart as all of us. We involve internal and external stakeholders in defining and pursuing jointly held goals. Through inclusion, we unleash the creative spirit in all of us.

Use of solar power plants on the roof of buildings

Sustainable Building

Green buildings are naturally smart… so to speak. They are oriented to the sun appropriate to the climate, they maximize daylight and fresh air and can even, at times, replenish resources while providing a healthy, invigorating environment for its inhabitants. Green building makes doing the right thing easy.