CityScaping integrates the planning of future buildings with the interests of the community in order to maintain and develop healthy neighborhoods.


The Process

1.  Plan the Plan

Define and Agree: The project team sets the schedule, identifies the required stakeholders and defines the deliverables for the specific team goal.

2.  Educate

Teach and Learn: Individual members of the project team engage in both teaching and learning from each other regarding critical information relevant to achieving the desired goal.

3.  Envision

Brainstorm and Discovery: The project team shares best practices encourages out of the box thinking and brainstorms hopes and fears related to achieving the desired goal(s).

4.  Refine

Focus and Discipline: The project team tests the vision concepts, models various scenarios, and visualizes ideas into a written and or drawn plan.

5.  Deliver

Document and Distribute: The project team completes the required plan documents in order to achieve the stated goals.


Every investment achieves the highest rate of returns in the market. Our projects achieve the highest grade of underwriting standards and the most predictable abundant returns for our stakeholders. Examples of Economic Vitality measurements include: equity returns, tax increases, debt to equity ratio, and pay back periods.