Core Capabilites

Each core capability is shared by every person in the enterprise. No matter what our specific expertise, we share a common thread of how we work together to achieve predictable, repeatable and successful results.

We are Stewards of our own and others investments

As stewards of others and our own cash, we understand that one goal cannot be ultimately maximized at the expense of another’s interests. We identify and measure the expected returns on every stakeholder’s investment. Key indicators are identified early in the project planning within the four ImPACT areas and expectations are dialogued and clarified before the first building is built. A clear plan is written to assess how each stated return will be accomplished and the results are monitored throughout the development program.

We are passionate about finding authentic places

We are curious about the people, the civic pride, the culture, the seasons, the geography, the local businesses of every place we develop. We know our job is to create something that will be revered by the whole community; that fills a need, completes what is missing, so that all existing parts benefit by the addition of our development.

We are whole system thinkers

We achieve broad based commitment to each element of the plan and we utilize the CityScaping process that allows all voices to be heard and all ideas inspired. The end product is never at an end or meant to be “complete” because it has been conceived to be flexible and adaptable to the inevitable changing market conditions.

Partnering is how our work gets done

We consider team alternatives over engaging in individual conclusions. Our teams work together to apply power at the same time in a coordinated effort evenly across functional expertise to achieve the maximum result. We realize that others look to “get to answers quickly” in the short term; we believe however that by involving the team and taking time to consider alternatives, we will achieve more effective conclusion, ultimately producing greater speed and results in the long run.

Adaptability is built into every outcome

We know there is no one solution, no exact destination, and no static answer. We create possibilities, adaptable to changing conditions and valuable for long term appreciation.